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The cost of our service is individually tailored to suit you and the needs of your cat(s). The distance we have to travel, the service requested and the time spent will all be taken into account when providing the final cost of your cat(s) care.

For a little extra money and added to your care package we offer two add on services, namely: A Cleaning Service and a Homecoming Grocery Pack.

We know how messy cats can be even after a day! The cost of our cleaning service is based upon the size of the area to be cleaned and can be discussed with you at time of booking.

The 'Homecoming Grocery Pack' is a few essential grocery items ready and waiting for you on your return home, particularly helpful if you have a very late flight or a long journey home! The cost can be discussed with you at time of booking.

If you would like a quote for cat care please click on the email link below with the following information: 

  • your postcode
  • the cat(s)/pet(s) you would like Catjoy to care for
  • the dates and number of days and visits you would like the care for
  • what you would like Catjoy to do
  • any other relevant information 
  • mention if you are interested in our Cleaning Service
  • mention if you are interested in our Homecoming Grocery Pack

Alternatively, please contact Jane by telephone/text 01953 888568/07875 266059. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. 


Catjoy Pet Services will:

  1. Ensure the cat(s) are left with sufficient food and water at each visit, and any other additional service agreed is carried out appropriately.
  2. Clean food/water bowls and feeding area. 
  3. Clean and empty soiled litter trays and dispose of waste.
  4. Clean any cat soil on furniture/fittings/floor if found, as effectively as we can.
  5. Leave the owner's home secure.
  6. In the event of an emergency, contact the cat's owner, (or authorised representative), to determine the best action for the cat's well-being.
  7. In the event of an emergency, and being unable to contact the cat's owner or representative, consult with a veterinary surgeon to determine the best action for the cat's well-being.
  8. Administer, to the best of our ability, any necessary medication to the cat(s) with the owner's agreement in accordance with signed, written instructions.
  9. Attend to the needs of other small pets with the prior agreement of the owner.
  10. Send a daily text/email/picture of pet to the owner if requested. 

Catjoy Pet Services will not:

  1. Be liable for any accidental damage caused to the owner's home fixtures/fittings and furniture by the owner's cat(s).
  2. Be liable for any vet charges incurred in the event of an accident or medical emergency for the cat(s).
  3. Be liable for any adverse reaction to authorised medication.
  4. Be liable for the security, safety or whereabouts of the cat(s) if there is access to the outside via a cat-flap, or if the cat(s) owner has requested the cat(s) be let outside through a door at any time during the period of care.
  5. Refund any money in the event of a cancellation.
  6. Transfer money already paid, in respect of a cancellation, to a future booking.

The cat's owner will:

  1. Consult with Catjoy to determine the cat's needs before a committed booking is made.
  2. Sign agreement to Catjoy's terms and conditions before any cat care home visits take place.
  3. Provide sufficient food, litter and treats, (if using), for the cat(s).
  4. Reimburse Catjoy if extra food/litter or other items become necessary in the event of inadequate supplies being left.
  5. Lodge two contact numbers with Catjoy for use in an emergency. One must be the owner's and the other a trusted family member, friend or neighbour authorised to act on the owner's behalf in an emergency should the owner be uncontactable.
  6. Leave signed, written instructions for the agreed administration of medication.
  7. Notify Catjoy of any existing medical conditions of the cat(s) or pets to be cared for at the time of booking.
  8. Pay Catjoy the total cost of the service, at the time of booking. Payment to be made either by bank transfer or in cash.
  9. Give Catjoy the name, address and telephone number of the cat's/pet's current veterinary surgeon at the time of booking.

Catjoy Pet Services reserve the right to refuse a customer without reason.

Please note Catjoy Pet Services has full public liability insurance cover.

Please see our COVID-19 Policy on a separate page of our menu.

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